Introduction of Japan Enamel Association

Name Japan Enamel Association (JEA)
Establishment August 28, 1976

East Hill Machiya #205, 7-chome 20-1, Arakawa,Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
116-0002 Japan

TEL : +81-3-3623-2989
FAX : +81-3-6806-5601

*Regular members (Enamel manufacturers)
- 12 (twelve) companies
*Supporting members (who agree with Association's activities)
- 8 (eight) companies

Secretariat 1 (one) Executive director
Committee Technical Committee / Complaints Committee
Subcommittee Utensil section / Bathtub section

Business description

In order to contribute to the advancement of the enamel industry and the cultural improvement of the people's daily life, JEA has conducted business aiming at the sound development of the production technology, quality and performance of enamel products and the distribution and consumption of the products. Also we have been promoting the measures as follows ;

Implementation business (1)
As one of safety measures, JEA will take the lead in implementing measures for safety measures and quality indications regarding the quality and safety of enamelware (pans, kettles, containers, etc.). Specifically, we will promote and disseminate the safety mark and IH certification mark system.

Implementation business (2)
As part of our management innovation project and the pursuit of the advancement of enamel industry, JEA holds regular technical lectures, takes measures and actions against environmental problems, takes actions to enact the domestic and international standards for enamel and conducts skill certification tests on enamel processing. JEA shares these information in public and carry on our activities with compliance as ever.

The history of Japan Enamel Association
June 1976
Japan Enamel Association (JEA) was established based on Japan
Enamel Federation (JEF) and to take over its activities.
Headquarter was established in Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo.
April 1984
Safety mark system of the enameled household wares launched under the new safety quality standards.
July 1985
The “Vision for Management Strategies in the Enamel Steel
Manufacturing Industry” was created and announced.
April 1989
An enamel fair was held and firing process was demonstrated in
Shinjuku, Mitsukoshi, and Hikarigaoka.
October 1998
The JIS standard, JIS S 3012 “Vitreous and porcelain enameled
household wares of sheet steel” , was revised.
November 2002
The safety mark system was revised. The quality standard for
IH cookers was established, and the enamelware IH certification
mark system was started.
July 2004
Boron-fluorine drainage regulation was started and the enamel
industry was certified as an industry subject to the
provisional drainage standards. The provisional drainage
standards are to be reviewed every three years and have been
extended to 2021.
April 2012
JEA was registered as a general incorporated association by
reforming the public interest corporation.
July 2014
The head office moved from Sumida-ku to Arakawa-ku.
June 2015
JEA re-joined IEI (International Enamel Association).
December 2015
The JIS standard, JIS R4301 “Vitreous and porcelain enamels –
Quality test methods of enameled products”, was revised.
November 2016
Enamel processing technology proficiency test sponsored by JEA
February 2018
The second enamel processing technology proficiency test was

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